AppleCore Cord Organizer - Tackle your cord mess!

by Reviews 14. June 2010 08:51
 It seems that everything in life now-a-days has a chord attached to it. So when you get a bunch of electronics together, like in a home entertainment center, you end up with a bunch of cords everywhere. It's not a pretty site to see all those chords all bird-nested together. Sometimes you can hide them but then when it comes time to remove a component you can't because all the chords are tangled together.
Well the solution for your chord mess lies in a chord management system. AppleCores allow you to wrap your chords around the center of the AppleCore and secure both ends on either side. With AppleCores you can turn your mess of chords into an organized, de-cluttered, and moveable system. I have used zip ties in the past to secure my chords but the problem is you have to cut them in order to change the length of the chord. With the AppleCore cord organizers you can change how much chord is wrapped around the middle quickly and easily.
You can get 12 AppleCores for $9.99. That's plenty to tackle even the most robust entertainment center and still have enough for other wired gadgets. I like the small ones for the use with my iPhone and iPod. It makes storing and carrying my headphones a lot easier. When I go to use them I can unwrap the amount of chord I need and I don't have to deal with the chord tangling.
You can get your own AppleCores Right here on Best Brands  - AppleCore Cord Organizer  

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