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PetZoomDo you have enough pet hair floating around the baseboards of your house to stuff a pillow? I know that I sure do, that is, until I started using the PetZoom on my German Shepherd. This grooming tool really IS going to save you time and money.

No more trips to the groomer and less time spent sweeping and vacuuming!

The PetZoom nail groom works great on all pets and hair types. I also have a cat and a Bulldog and the PetZoom worked great on them too! Did I mention that they actually love being groomed now? The PetZoom has ultra comfort bristles that make grooming your pet fun and painless.

The great thing about Petzoom brush is that it is self-cleaning. As you are brushing your pet the PetZoom traps the hair in the top of the brush. When you are ready to remove the hair hold the brush over the garbage can and press the button on the handle to release the trapped hair. Bam! Now that really is easy!

The PetZoom is only available online. For only $19.95 you get the PetZoom, pamper size PetZoom and free adjustable pet trimmer blade.

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