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Ab Circle Pro

Ab Circle Pro is the fastest, easiest way to have the flat washboard abs and the sexy V Shape you've always wanted! It gets you off the ground and targets your entire core. 3 minutes on the Ab Circle is equal to more than 100 sit-ups! Made with gym quality steel that's built to last a lifetime. Includes the Ab Circle Pro, 3 minute Express Workout DVD and Nutritional Guide! Try it today for only $14.95.

The Ab Circle is made from gym quality steel so you know it's not going to break on you. No one wants bulky workout equipment lying about their house so the Ab Circle folds up for easy storage under beds or in closets. The Ab Circle has 3 levels of resistance to match your level of fitness, and has a patented Friction Free Track that gets you off the floor.

When you buy the Ab Circle system you get the Ab Circle, 3 Minute Express Workout DVD, and the "Lose your Love Handles Nutritional Guide". So don't wait lose your love handles toady!

Lose your Love Handles

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